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Additional competencies required from candidates and USil students



Candidates to studies at the University of Silesia should possess digital competencies allowing them to complete the admission procedure and the subsequent education within the chosen degree programme.

During the admission process, basic computer skills will be indispensable, including the knowledge of:

  • internet browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari),
  • peripherals (printers) to print the application,
  • graphic software (to prepare a digital photo).

During the admission process, computer workstations with Internet access and printers are made available and support is provided on an ongoing basis for those who do not have the appropriate tools to complete an effective registration and admission process at the University’s premises in the department handling the admission of candidates.

To make the registration process a little easier, we have prepared a short instructional video (available at https://us.edu.pl/kandydat/rekrutacja-na-studia-krok-po-kroku/przebieg-rekrutacji/), where candidates can learn how to register to studies successfully — how to make a candidate account in the system, register for a degree programme, upload the required documents and a photo, and check the admission results.


Digital competencies required in every degree programme include the knowledge of:

  • text editors (e.g. Microsoft Word, Libre Office Writer),
  • spreadsheets (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Libre Office Calc),
  • e-mail (via internet browsers or e-mail software),

and in with regards to remote education:

  • teamwork software (e.g. Microsoft Teams),
  • remote education software (e.g. Moodle).

To participate in remote education, it is necessary to have a computer equipped with a camera, a microphone, and an Internet connection and knowledge of distance learning platforms (Microsoft Office 365, Moodle, and Google — in terms of the binding licence agreement at the University). Specific degree programmes may have more detailed requirements.

At the University operates a unit undertaking activity in remote education and the use of internet technologies for this purpose — Distance Learning Centre (CKO) https://el.us.edu.pl/cko. USil CKO prepares instructional materials on the use of e-learning tools in the form of guides and tutorials available for students at their website, in which the principles of the university’s online learning platforms are explained. CKO employees also provide students with assistance in arising problems related to remote education. On the above-mentioned webpage, under the tab ‘Student’, there is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), where you can find the most useful information, such as creating an account in the system or using the e-learning platform (e.g. how to find the right course on the platform, how to attend the course, how to communicate with the tutor and the other course users, where to find deadlines for assignments and quizzes, how to upload files for assignments, etc.).

During their studies, students can take advantage of a rich offer of free training sessions organised within various projects to raise their computer competencies.

Each USil student is expected to use the USOS system implemented at the University to document the course of studies. In the system, the students register for classes, add the compulsory modules to the relevant programme and stage of study, and check decisions concerning the course of study and the benefits granted (e.g. decision on being dismissed from studies, on extension of exam session, on scholarships, on granting places in the dormitories, etc.). It also includes a degree programme catalogue and information on University employees and units. This system is used to communicate with the University on an ongoing basis, so the University has prepared detailed instructions for students to carry out the necessary actions in this system, including registering for classes, adding modules, submitting applications, etc., which are available on the website:


There is a USOSWeb technical helpdesk and mUSOS (Mobile USOS) for problematic issues: Contact – NEWS – USOSweb


Foreign language — required level of proficiency for a candidate

Students are required to complete chosen modules in a foreign language. Those modules were included in the studies plans of each degree programme offered at the University of Silesia. Information about the selected modules conducted in a foreign language can be found at Programme Catalogue & ECTS Guide.

Foreign language — required level of proficiency for a graduate

The choice of language and the level of the course is very important — according to current legislation, every graduate of 1st-cycle studies is required to demonstrate knowledge of a foreign language at B2 level, while a graduate of 2nd-cycle studies is required to demonstrate B2+ level.

The Foreign Language Teaching Centre allows students to reach the required language competency by participating in language classes. Students can also take advantage of additional courses offered by the Foreign Language Teaching Centre.

Students demonstrate the language proficiency achieved by passing the end-of-course examination at the appropriate level or by submitting the relevant language proficiency certificate.

Take an assessment test and select a language course that is appropriate for you. More details at https://us.edu.pl/kolegium/spnjo.

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