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Fee for the student ID

All 1st year students at the University of Silesia (both in full-time and part-time programmes) will receive their Electronic Student ID (ELS). Candidates who start two different programmes pay for one student ID.

Amount to pay for the student ID 
Candidates admitted to full-time and part-time programmes pay PLN 22.00 for the electronic student ID.

Bank account number
Students of full-time and part-time programmes can check the bank account number by logging in to USOSweb.
Your account in the USOSweb system will be activated when you submit all the necessary documents and register as a student. You can ask at your dean’s office when exactly you will be able to log in. Technical assistance related to the USOSweb system can be obtained by contacting the Study IT Service Department.

The bank account number can be checked in USOSweb, under FOR ALL (DLA WSZYSTKICH).
Students who study several different programmes at different faculties have several different bank account numbers, depending on the number of faculties.
The fee for the student ID and record book should not be transferred to the bank account specified in the IRK system. This bank account number is only active during the admission procedure and you should only transfer your admission fee to it. The account is deleted when the admission process is closed.

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