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Stage II: after the results of the qualification procedure are published

Registering for a programme and submitting the necessary documents.

You will lose your place on the list of accepted candidates if you do not register for the programme for which you have been accepted. Registering is connected with submitting all the required documents in a file bearing your name and personal data (see a specimen file) at the dean’s office of the relevant university faculty by the deadline specified by the Faculty Admission Commission.
The deadlines differ depending on the programme and they are always specified in the timetable for each programme in the IRK system. Information about the deadline will also be given on the list of candidates accepted for a given programme.
In order to register and submit the documents you have to appear in person, showing your ID or passport.
If you cannot appear in person at the dean’s office when you receive the information on being accepted for the 1 year of the programme of your choice, you can ask another person to do it for you. However, this person will have to present a written power of attorney (see a specimen) signed by you.
Please note that a candidate who does not register and submit the documents by the specified deadline will be rejected!

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