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Fees for issuing documents Fees for issuing documents

The University charges a fee for issuing the following documents:
• electronic student ID – PLN 22;
• electronic PhD student ID – PLN 17;
• student record book – PLN 4;
• BA/BSc/BEng/MA/MSc/MEng diploma with two copies – PLN 60;
• certificate of a postgraduate course – PLN 30;
• additional copy of BA/BSc/BEng/MA/MSc/MEng diploma translated into a foreign language – PLN 40;
• legalization of documents to be used abroad – information available on the website of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
The fee for issuing a duplicate is 50% higher than that for the original document.

Bank account number Bank account number

Fees for issuing documents should be transferred to individual student accounts.
Students, PhD students, postgraduate students and graduates can check the bank account number after logging in to USOSweb, under FOR ALL (DLA WSZYSTKICH).
Students who study several different programmes at different faculties have several different bank account numbers, depending on the number of faculties.
Technical assistance related to the USOSweb system can be obtained by contacting the Study IT Service Department.

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