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Participation in admission before defending the master’s degree

13.06.2022 - 12:13 update 13.06.2022 - 12:13
Editors: Ryszard Knapek

The candidates may participate in the admission procedure even before they formally finish their studies and obtains a master’s degree or an equivalent degree. However, they will not be admitted to the Doctoral School until they deliver (upload into IRK) a document confirming obtaining the appropriate title.

The candidates can register, provide all the data and upload the necessary document for the assessment. They will be evaluated and may be interviewed (after a positive evaluation of a project of a research plan) before the defense of the master’s thesis.

At the registration stage, which is until June 24, the candidates only need to enter the field of study they are finishing, the type of diploma and the year of obtaining it. Of course, a candidate who has already defended themselves may provide all the information regarding the diploma upon registration.

Until July 18, i.e. before the results of the procedure, the candidate must upload a scanned copy of the diploma, or a certificate from the institution awarding a master’s degree on the term of finishing education or a declaration that they will deliver (upload into IRK) a diploma, specifying the date of delivery of the document.

The scanned copy of the diploma must be submitted by September 13 at the latest – if not, the candidate will receive a decision not to be admitted to the Doctoral School, regardless of prior qualification.

Certificate from the institution awarding a master’s degree

A candidate who has obtained a master’s degree or an equivalent degree, but whose university has not yet issued a diploma, may upload to the system a certificate issued by that university, confirming that the relevant qualifications have been obtained. The diploma must be delivered immediately upon receipt.

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