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Registration for the procedure to the Doctoral School has started

19.06.2023 - 09:11 update 19.06.2023 - 09:11
Editors: Ryszard Knapek

System for the Internet Registration of Candidates (IRK)

start: June 12, 2023 at 12:00

On Monday, June 12 at 12:00, the system of Internet Registration of Candidates (Internetowa Rejestracja Kandydatów, IRK) will be opened. The registration in the admission procedure to the Doctoral School takes place in the IRK system. The system is open until June 23, 2022, 15:00.

Link to the system: https://irk2.us.edu.pl/en-gb/

To complete the registration process:

  • prepare and upload all the necessary substantive documents, i.e. a draft research plan, the opinion of the future supervisor, the opinion of a second researcher with at least a doctoral degree and a list of scientific achievements (if the candidate has such). The draft plan and achievements should be presented on the prepared forms: https://us.edu.pl/szkola-doktorska/en/rekrutacja-na-rok-akademicki-2023-2024-2/ -> Information and documents necessary in the admission process
  • provide all the data required by the system and submit appropriate declarations
  • introduced an admission fee of PLN 300

Note: during the registration period you don’t have to upload your diploma (of course you may). It may be done up to July 17 12:00, and if you finish your master’s studies later – even up to September 12 Read more: Participation in admission before finishing studies.

Detailed information about admission: https://us.edu.pl/szkola-doktorska/en/rekrutacja-na-rok-akademicki-2023-2024-2/

Information on the procedure is provided also by the Doctoral School Office.

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