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Expert tutoring – applications from foreign tutors

19.03.2024 - 06:34 update 19.03.2024 - 06:34
Editors: Ryszard Knapek
Tags: ster, tutoring
Information for doctoral students about the call for tutors from foreign research centers for the current semester. This call applies only to already initiated collaborations – please submit only those that can take place by the end of the current semester.

Link to applications: https://formularze.us.edu.pl/form/index/4917

Form availability date: April 4 (until the end of the day)

By April 9, the Doctoral School will make the selection based on the justification provided. The activity is partially financed by the “STER – internationalization of Doctoral Schools” program. Five selected activities will be financed from this program, the remaining reasonable tutoring – from the university budget.

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