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Decision on the allocation of funds for the financial year 2024

Dean of the Doctoral School decided on distributing funds for research and artistic activity of PhD students for the year 2024. The decision may be changed because the budget of the school hasn’t been established yet.

The amount of the funds: 422,000 PLN, including:

  • 128,800 PLN (300 PLN/per person) resources for individual access for each PhD student – to spend until September 30th.
  • 25,000 PLN in the dean’s reserve
  • 278,200 PLN – to be divided in contests announced by the Doctoral School.

The initial schedule of the contests (final term of application):

  1. February 2rd, 2024
  2. May 17th, 2024
  3. October 11th, 2024 (the competition will be announced if there will be any funds left)

Details on the announced competition and information about the settlement of funds in previous competitions – look at “Competition for PhD students” below.


The rules for the allocation of funds and the organization of competitions

Polish version: Regulamin podziału środków 2024

English version: Regulations on spending funds 2024

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