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Announcement of competition for doctoral students for funds at URSD disposal

14.06.2024 - 09:26 update 14.06.2024 - 09:27
Editors: dianapasek
Tags: ogłoszenie konkursu, samorząd, środki URSD

Effective June 14th 2024, the University Council of Doctoral Student Government announces
a competition for doctoral students and doctoral organizations of the University of Silesia for
funds. The maximum amount of funding is PLN 5,000 and PLN 10,000, respectively.
The competition funds are used to support such activities and projects aimed at activating the
environment of doctoral students, improving the quality of their scientific research, publishing
their results or popularizing scientific knowledge.
Applications can be submitted until June 28th 2024 at: doktoranci@us.edu.pl . In
addition, until June 21th , we will accept your applications for consultation for formal errors
with the possibility of sending them back for correction.
We also inform you that due to the amendment of the Regulations on the distribution of funds
at the disposal of the Doctoral Student Council of the University of Silesia in Katowice and
the repeal of § 3(5) of the Regulations by a resolution of the URSD dated February 27, 2024,
applicants for funding from the URSD budget do not need to show previous application for
funds in the Doctoral School competition.
In addition, we remind you:
-The form for individual applications is Annex No.1 and for academic organisations is Annex
-In Section I of Appendix 1 dedicated to year of study it is required to indicate current year of
studies, not the academic year;
-The declaration of consent to the processing of personal data requires, in addition to the date
and signature, the selection of the appropriate option from I consent/ I do not consent;
All information and application forms are available on the website at the link:
We kindly ask you to carefully read the provisions of the Regulation and all
documentation in the attachments on the site, and to send us well thought-out projects. The
amount of funds is limited! Submission of a correctly filled out application by the deadline
does not guarantee the funds will be allocated. The assessment of projects by the URSD
competition committee will be the deciding factor. The final amount of funds available for
distribution in the competition will be determined by the Council on the basis of the allocated
amount of the URSD budget for 2024.

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