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Doctoral School
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Doctoral seminar and tutoring

Individual classes (seminar, tutoring) are implemented as required. The tutor and the doctoral student decide on the form of classes and the criteria for passing them.

If something needs to be corrected in USOS – report it to the DS office.

If you start cooperation with a tutor from outside the University of Silesia – inform the office about the working dates and ask about signing the contract.

Contact in both cases: Agnieszka Filipowska

More on tutoring: expert tutoring at the Doctoral School


Research ethics

Classes suggested for the first year, especially those preparing grant projects.

15 hours, 2 ECTS

coordinator: dr hab. Monika Jagielska, prof. US

lecturer: dr hab. Monika Jagielska, prof. UŚ; Mariusz Jagielski, prof. US, Natalia Galica, MA

series of classes: 4 obligatory meetings, 3 consultation dates, credit, all classes conducted remotely

Class schedule: Etyka badań 2022-2023.xlsx

Registration for classes from February 20, 2023, at 17:00 at USOSweb


Preparation and implementation of a research project

36 hours, 5 ECTS (including the submission of a grant application)

Classes suggested for the first year, especially those preparing grant projects.

Classes preparing for applying for funding a research project. Completion of the course is submitting an application – by the end of the second year of education.

The course consists of two elements:

  1. Information meetings – Project Department
  2. Workshops with specialists supporting the preparation of the application

Information meetings – information coming soon

Workshops – separate for individual areas and disciplines.

Workshop schedule:Przygotowanie i realizacja projektu badawczego.xlsx

Registration for the workshop from February 20, 2023, at 17:00 at USOSweb

Rejestracja na warsztaty od 20.02.2023, godz. 17:00 w USOSweb


Doctoral workshops - presentation of the research plan

15 hours, 2 ECTS

Compulsory classes for second-year PhD students entering the mid-term assessment.

The classes consist in polishing the skills of presenting one’s research in front of a scientific audience. They place particular emphasis on a presentation during the mid-term evaluation.

Workshop schedule: Warsztaty doktoranckie – prezentacja planu badawczego.xlsx

Classes do not require registration – PhD students are placed in appropriate groups. An exception is a large group of PhD students in biological sciences divided into two classes (information provided to those interested).

If you need to add or unsubscribe from classes, please contact the DS office.


Planning a scientific career and personal development

15 hours, 1 ECTS

Workshops suggested for the 1st year (supporting the preparation of the IRP).

Schedule of classes: Planowanie kariery naukowej i rozwój osobisty 2022-2023L.xlsx

Registration for classes from February 20, 2023 at 5:00 p.m


Preparation of scientific texts and critical analysis of the text

30 hours, 4 ECTS

Classes are divided into two parts:

exercises with researchers experienced in preparing scientific publications and working with scientific text

meetings with editors of prestigious scientific journals

Classes – 15 hours of classes in groups divided into areas

Schedule:Przygotowanie tekstów naukowych i krytyczna analiza tekstu.xlsx

Meetings with editors

Each doctoral student must participate in at least three such meetings, lasting up to 5 hours, until the end of their education. The schedule of meetings will be published regularly on a particular website.


Academic English II

60 hours (30 in the winter semester and 30 in the summer semester), 4 ECTS

Continuation of classes from the winter semester. Classes are conducted remotely (with one exception). Classes for all PhD students, including implementation and foreign language courses.

Classes are divided into disciplines and carried out in three-hour blocks throughout the semester.

Schedule: Academic English 2 – 2022-2023.xlsx

Classes do not require logging in – PhD students are enrolled in groups from the winter semester – any changes should be discussed with the lecturers and reported to the DS office.


Intellectual property law and copyright

15 hours, 2 ECTS

Leader and coordinator: dr hab. Anna Chorażewska, prof. UŚ

Classes in area groups – humanities, theology, art, and social sciences. Remote classes.

Schedule: Prawo własności intelektualnej i prawo autorskie 2022-2023L.xlsx

Registration for classes from February 20, 2023, at 5:00 p.m

English-speaking group, implementation doctoral students, and the area of ​​exact and natural sciences, as well as engineering and technology – classes for these doctoral students, were held in the winter semester. If you need to make up for classes, please contact the teacher.


Self-presentation and dissemination of research findings

15 hours, 2 ECTS

During classes, young researchers will learn how to effectively conduct scientific communication in public space – how to present the results of their research in the media, at schools, or science festivals.

Class schedules and registration deadlines will be announced soon.


English language course and other language courses

additional classes (optional), 2 ECTS

Continuing classes from the first semester – PhD students will be transferred to groups without registration.

If you need to change it, please contact the DS office.


Optional classes

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of optional classes for doctoral students of the Doctoral School in the summer semester of the academic year 2022/2023.

Classes will be conducted as described. In case of deficiencies, the details will be agreed upon with registered PhD students. Classes described as “Polish / English” will be conducted in English if non-Polish-speaking doctoral students sign up for them.

Offer: moduły fakultatywne 2022-2023L.xlsx

Registration for classes will start on February 27, 2023, at 21:00.

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