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Information on the organization of classes

Classes are conducted in the form of contact. Some classes are planned in a remote form – language courses and Academic English (some groups). Some English classes for PhD candidates of the “Implementation PhD” program are also conducted remotely.

PhD candidates who cannot participate in contact classes for a long time due to illness or a foreign trip (of a scientific nature) may apply for hybrid participation in the classes (application to the Dean of the DS at szkola.doktorska@us.edu.pl)

Compulsory classes for first-year doctoral students start on October 3.

Other classes start on October 10 or October 17, according to an individual schedule.


Methodology of scientific research

compulsory classes for 1st year doctoral students, open to all

Each doctoral student completes three 10-hour classes as part of the module. PhD candidates in social sciences and doctoral students of exact and natural sciences as well as engineering and technical sciences are to pass joint classes and two classes of their choice. PhD candidates in the humanities, theology, and arts must complete any three courses. PhD candidates for the “Implementation doctorate” program must complete the activities common to the program and at least one class above it.

– registration for the first year: September 26-30 (closed)

– additional registration open to all: October 6-8


Methodology of scientific research


Higher education teaching

compulsory classes for 1st-year doctoral students; pass for second-year doctoral students

Registration for the 1st year: September 26-30 (closed)

Senior PhD students who are to catch up with these classes are kindly asked to contact:


Schedule: Higher education teaching

The second-year doctoral students completes classes in the summer semester based on a report on self-conducted classes. Details soon.


English language course

additional classes

First-year PhD candidates complete the placement test (access is sent on request – contact the DS office or the module coordinator).

Senior PhD students agree on the rules of participation with the module coordinator.

Classes are conducted on Wednesdays, from October 5, in remote form, in groups at the appropriate level. Schedule available soon.

Module coordinator:

mgr Katarzyna Banaś-Sieradzka


Academic English

classes open to everyone, suggested for second-year PhD candidates

Registration: October 6-8

Classes start in the week of October 10-14, in a remote or stationary form, depending on the group. The groups are divided according to the disciplines, and you should log into the group corresponding to the field.

Additional ordering:

Two groups have been planned for biological sciences due to a large number of second-year doctoral students

PhD students in literary and cultural studies share two common groups, divided according to the English language proficiency level.

PhD students in linguistics and PhD students in a joint program with Sapienza University in Rome have two groups in common (free choice)


Academic English


Intellectual property law and copyright

classes open to everyone, suggested for the second year

Groups in the fall semester:

the area of ​​exact and natural sciences as well as engineering and technical sciences

PhD candidates for the implementation doctorate program

the group in English (remote classes).

Other area groups in the summer semester.

Registration October 6-8

Classes are carried out in the form of stationary (1) or remote (2, 3)


Intellectual Property Law


Optional classes

an offer to choose from for all PhD candidates

During their education, doctoral students are to complete elective courses for at least 9 ECTS. All classes on offer (below) have 2 ECTS.

Alternatively, you can earn ECTS for elective courses by completing:

additional classes in the methodology of scientific research
Transform4Europe Week classes
classes for PhD candidates at other universities

Registration October 6-8

Offer and schedule:

Optional classes (acutualization: 19.10.2022)


PhD seminars

individual classes with the supervisor

No registration, PhD candidates introduced to USOS. Please verify the current state in USOS. If some of the hours are to be allocated to the auxiliary supervisor, please get in touch with the supervisor or auxiliary supervisor by e-mail.

Expert tutoring

individual lessons with tutors

Each doctoral student is to complete three tutoring cycles throughout the entire education. Classes submitted for the academic year 2022/2023 with academic teachers employed at the University of Silesia are already in USOS – please verify and, if necessary, report any changes.

Classes with people from outside the University of Silesia must be notified in advance according to the following scheme:

1. contact the area coordinator – asking for consent for specific tutoring

2. contact the tutor – set the dates

3. contact the DS Office (agnieszka.filipowska@us.edu.pl) -announce the tutoring start plan, providing the tutor’s e-mail address to conclude a contract

More: Expert tutoring


4th year PhD candidates' area seminars

information soon


Preparation of scientific texts and critical analysis of the text

workshops with journal editors - the schedule will be gradually supplemented


Doctoral workshop - presentation of the research plan

compulsory classes for 2nd-year doctoral students - have been moved to the summer semester


Foreign language courses

info soon

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