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PROM – International scholarship exchange of doctoral students and academic staff

PROM – International scholarship exchange of doctoral students and academic staff is implemented at the University of Silesia in the 2019/2020 academic year. The goal of the project is to finance short-term (from 5 to 30 days) trips abroad of young scientists (up to 40 years of age) who can go, among others, to conduct scientific research, obtain materials for work, participate in scientific conferences,  as well as training and other development activities.

Due to the progress of the pandemic, the program was suspended from March 2020. Only single trips were carried out, which obtained the individual consent of the rector. From March 2021, the program is gradually launched.

As part of the project, at least 60 foreign trips abroad are planned for PhD students and at least 20 visits of PhD students of young researchers (up to the age of 40) from foreign universities at the University of Silesia.

In the first stage of recruitment, 66 PhD students from the University of Silesia were qualified to travel, who will go to universities, research and training centers and for field studies in 27 different countries – from the Czech Republic, Germany and Lithuania to Norway (polar station on Spitzbergen), Kyrgyzstan, China and the United States.

The second stage of recruitment – visits from abroad to the University of Silesia has been suspended due to the pandemic and is to be launched in March 2021.

Mobility will cover the following costs:

  1. Flat rates of financial support for costs of travel, health insurance, OC, NNW, costs of visa fees or fees connected to legalisation of stay, depending on the distance

2.Flat rates of financial support for costs of subsistence, depending on the country and length of stay (from PLN 260 to PLN 800 per day),

  1. Costs of conference/training/course fees.

Financing is paid out in the form of a scholarship with the exception of 3.


For more information on the PROM project, please contact: Project Office at the PhD school.

The Programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund under the Knowledge Education Development Operational Programme, non-competition project: “International scholarship exchange of doctoral students and academic staff”, implemented under the Measure specified in the application for co-financing of the project no POWR.03.03.00-00-PN13/18.

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