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Admission for studies at the University of Silesia started on 3 June!

31.05.2024 - 11:28 update 10.06.2024 - 14:03
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What do Daria ze Śląska, Szczepan Twardoch and Tomasz Rożek have in common? The answer is simple – University of Silesia!

From 3 June, you have a chance to join the group of outstanding students of the largest university in the Silesian Voivodeship. You can choose between 89 degree programmes, including 6 conducted in English. The University of Silesia offers 7,417 places for full-time studies and 2,155 places for part-time studies.

Admission is conducted via the Online Application System. The first stage involves submitting your candidacy for the selected degree programme (or programmes). In the second step, you need to confirm your application and submit the documents to the appropriate dean’s office. Please pay attention to the deadlines – they concern: registering for a selected degree programme, paying the recruitment fee, taking additional exams (if required in the criteria), registering for studies and submitting documents.

Rekrutacja od 3.06.2024. Z Uniwersytetem możesz więcej

Why University of Silesia? It is the best and largest university in the region and the leader of interuniversity academic initiatives. In the latest international university ranking report – UniRank2024 – the University of Silesia in Katowice took 11th place out of 129 rated institutions. This is the best result among all Silesian universities.
At the University of Silesia, many currently famous graduates have emerged, such as Jan P. Matuszyński, a graduate of directing and current employee at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School at the University of Silesia. His debut feature film, ‘The Last Family’, was appreciated, among others, by the jury of the Polish Feature Film Festival (Golden Lions), the jury of the International Festival of the Art of Cinematography Camerimage (main prize in the Polish Film Competition) or the Polityka’s Passports (in the film category).

The university’s graduates also include:

  • Szczepan Twardoch– prose writer and publicist, graduate of the Individual Interfaculty Studies on Humanities of the University of Silesia. Winner of, among others: Polityka’s Passports (2012), and Śląski Wawrzyn Literacki (2012). His book sales exceeded one million copies in 2023 (on the basis of information provided by Wydawnictwo Literackie).
  • Renata Przemyk – vocalist, graduate of Slavic Studies at the University of Silesia. She released 10 albums, selling over half a million copies. She created songs in a duet with artists such as Kayah and Kasia Nosowska. Currently, she performs together with the DagaDana band.
  • Tomasz Rożek, PhD – journalist, science communicator, graduate of two degree programmes: Journalism and Physics. He obtained a PhD in physical sciences (nuclear physics major) at the University of Silesia. Founder of the Foundation To Lubię (Science. I Like it) popularising science among children and teenagers. He is an advisor to the European Space Agency and ambassador of the Silesian Science Festival Katowice.
  • late Krystyna Bochenek – journalist and politician, graduate of the Faculty of Polish Philology. Vice-Marshal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland of the 7th term. She was the originator of many projects, including: National Polish Spelling Test or the Krystyna Congress – Association of women named Krystyna. A populariser of language education and health knowledge, commemorated with a mural in the centre of Katowice.
  • Daria ze Śląska – actual name: Daria Ryczek-Zając, vocalist, songwriter. She is a graduate of history at the University of Silesia. Winner of the Fryderyk Award 2024 in the categories phonographic debut of the year and indie pop album of the year. She performed at Męskie Granie and collaborated with, among others, Cortez.


The University of Silesia is the best choice for people curious about the world, thanks to the New Concept of Studies!!

We give students the opportunity to co-create their class schedule, adapting it to their needs. ‘You decide what activities will be useful for you in shaping your career path. Regardless of the degree programme you are studying, you can also choose classes related to: digital world, creative expression and critical thinking, civil society and entrepreneurship, the greatest challenges of modern science, natural environment and technology, and health and personal development. This interdisciplinary education will provide you with better preparation for work and life in a rapidly changing world’ says Katarzyna Trynda, PhD, Associate Professor, Vice-Rector for Education and Students.

‘The biggest advantage of studying is the possibility to fully use the unique knowledge environment the university creates.  Of all universities, this type of higher education institution is the richest in terms of research and, therefore, the educational offer’ notes Prof. Ryszard Koziołek, Rector of the University of Silesia. ‘We are experimenting with a hybrid approach to studying: on the one hand, male and female students have specific responsibilities defined in the study programme, and on the other hand, we are trying to arrange the programme in such a way that during studies we can benefit as much as possible from everything that is outside the degree programme. Over 20 years of conducting individual studies have proved that such studies are attractive and their graduates have no problem finding a job. And above all, they have something that is not so common among students: the joy of studying’ admits prof. R. Koziołek.

New offer for 2024/2025

This year, the University of Silesia offers a new interdisciplinary method of education in most of the studies offered, and as many as 5 new degree programmes:

  • Intercultural Communication at the Faculty of Humanities
    Open your eyes to the world! Gain the skills necessary to work in a global environment. Learn techniques for communicating with people from different cultures and learn to build intercultural relationships. This knowledge is necessary in today’s dynamically changing professional environment.
  • Law in Business at the Faculty of Law and Administration
    Do you want to combine legal knowledge with business practice? This degree programme is just for you! Gain comprehensive knowledge on legal regulations in business, commercial law and intellectual property protection. Prepare for a career in corporations, law companies or as an entrepreneur.
  • Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies in Humanities at the Faculty of Humanities
    Combine your passion for the humanities with concern for our planet. Explore how the humanities can support sustainable development and create a better future. Gain unique competences that are invaluable in the modern labour market.
  • Management in Culture and Creative Industries at the Faculty of Arts and Educational Sciences (if launched)
    Are you interested in culture, art, information technology or design? Do you dream of managing cultural institutions and companies from the creative industry? These studies are perfect for you! Here you will learn how to manage a brand and a team, which will certainly bear fruit in the future.
  • Czech Studies in Business and Culture at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Education (if launched)
    Are you fascinated by the interwining Polish and Czech cultures? Here you will learn everything about international, cross-border projects based on Polish-Czech relations. Čekáme na tebe!

At USil, sky is the limit!

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