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University of Silesia in Katowice

“Ventilate the Climate” Campaign as Part of 4. ŚFN KATOWICE

02.01.2020 - 15:07 update 03.01.2020 - 11:41
Editors: AK, Sekcja Prasowa UŚ
Tags: ekologia, festiwal, ŚFN

„Wietrzymy Klimat” (Ventilate the Climate) campaign will take place on 10 January 2020 at 15:00 in Galeria Katowicka (ul. 3 Maja 30, Katowice).

The meeting will be run by educators from Klub Gaja who will encourage people to write a short reflection about what should be done to prevent the climate catastrophe. The campaign is an accompanying event of the 4th edition of Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE.

Klub Gaja is a Polish ecological organisation that has been inspiring Poles to take real action for the natural environment and animal rights for over 30 years.

Detailed information about the Festival: www.slaskifestiwalnauki.pl.

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