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„No Limits” | Border towns and cities

What is the article about?What is the article about? Border regions are particularly interesting due to their often turbulent history, during which their nationality changed and where different ethnic and cultural influences mixed. Cieszyn is just such a place, and the fact that it is located on the Polish-Czech border only emphasizes its uniqueness. Dr...

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We invite humanists from all over the world to partner with us

16 SCIENTISTS IN 12 SHORT MOVIES TALK ABOUT THEIR RESEARCH CONDUCTED IN 6 DISCIPLINES PHILOSOPHY  CULTURE AND RELIGION STUDIES   LITERARY STUDIES   LINGUISTICS   HISTORY   ARTS STUDIES Faculty of Humanities of the University of Silesia in Katowice invites humanists from all over the world to partner with us contact: wh@us.edu.pl We invite you to watch twelve short...

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On Cieszyn cantatas that got a second life | Conversation with Zenon Mojżysz, PhD

Protestant music in Silesia, especially in Cieszyn, is an extremely interesting, though niche topic explored by Zenon Mojżysz, PhD, from the Institute of Art Studies of the University of Silesia in Katowice. He is currently working on a critical edition and publishing of musical works with an interesting story. Found many years later, they can...

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