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“No Limits” | Quantum attacks on classical cryptosystems

What is the article about?What is the article about? In recent years, the conversation has been growing around quantum computers and quantum cryptography. The media attracts attention with flashy headlines, but press reports are usually far from honest. How are quantum computers really different from classical computers? Is classical IT infrastructure really defenseless in the...

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Past inscribed in stone mounds

Michał Sobala, PhD, in the Żywiec Beskids | photo: Dawid Wojtyła | Maria Sztuka | The Beskid Mountains are the youngest mountain range in Poland – they erected around 20 mln years ago. For comparison, the Świętokrzyskie mountains erected much earlier – more than 500 mln years ago. The Carpathians, which include the Beskids, are...

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Patent | Cycle of inventions that will support devices for extracorporeal blood

PATENT CYCLE OF INVENTIONS THAT WILL SUPPORT DEVICES FOR EXTRACORPOREAL BLOOD OXYGENATION 30.09.2022 text: Małgorzata Kłoskowicz e-mail: malgorzata.kloskowicz@us.edu.pl Patents of the University of Silesia This article is part of a series presenting the results of research by scientists associated with our University, who are co-authors of over 600 inventions, utility and industrial models, and trademarks....

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