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A literary guide to contemporary Lviv

| Maria Sztuka |   Lviv lives on in the memory of several nationalities. It inspires not only multilingual artists who, fascinated by the unique atmosphere of the castle on the Poltva River, devote their lives to it, but it also motivates many scientists to study the city’s multiculturalism and sources of creative fascination. Last...

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IAS/EcoSystemCARE | Ecosystem protection against invasive plant species

The University of Silesia in Katowice became the leader of a consortium which received funding for the implementation of an international project called “Integrated approach to ecosystems protection against invasive alien plants in southern Poland – IAS/EcoSystemCARE”. The primary objective of the project is to strengthen the resistance of selected ecosystems to the adverse effects...

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“Parents in the face of climate change” | Report from scientists of the University of Silesia

| Magdalena Ochwat, PhD, and Anna Guzy, PhD |   It is already the third and last report regarding the most important representatives of the educational process – teachers, students, and parents – in the face of climate change. Earlier, in 2021, Magdalena Ochwat, PhD and Anna Guzy, PhD, from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Research...

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Nuclear safety in the context of war in Ukraine

“Russians shelled the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia, Ukraine.” This information reached us in early March 2022. Similar events also took place in Chernobyl. “You must be out of your mind, and with suicidal tendencies, to destroy nuclear facilities” summed up menacingly Prof. Janusz Janeczek, chair of the Council for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection,...

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EU-PolarNet 2 | Polar research in different countries

Arriving at the foundations of a joint European policy on research and multifaceted presence in polar areas is the main goal of the project entitled “Co-Ordinating and Co-Designing the European Polar Research Area (EU-PolarNet 2)”, implemented as part of the Horizon 2020 programme. The initiative covers a joint action strategy, sustainable polar regions policy, expert...

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