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The temptation of totalitarianism | Meeting with Prof. Jarosław Tomasiewicz

28.01.2022 - 11:02, update 03.02.2022 - 14:18
Editors: wc-a
Tags: history, history, totalitarianism, totalitaryzm

Anti-liberal, authoritarian and even pro-fascist tendencies are phenomena that citizens of a free country should be concerned about the most. They are likely to recur especially in times of global crises and uncertainty. What is their source? Together with our guest of the 15th episode of the Scientific Premiere Stage, Jarosław Tomasiewicz, PhD, DLitt, from the Faculty of Humanities, we will take a look at the history of totalitarian movements in interwar Poland. We will learn about its causes and results and ponder on how far they resonate with a current situation in the country and in the world.

Why there is a yearning for leaders ruling with an iron hand? What lies behind the crisis of confidence in a liberal democracy? What are the factors that make a part of society reject the solutions leading to openness and multinational cooperation that have been developing for decades (or even ages)? The scope of interests of our guest revolves around radical movements and political ideas.

Prof. Jarosław Tomasiewicz analyses a particular type of “hydra”, the heads of which regrow regardless of changes in societal, moral, and political spheres. His newest book W poszukiwaniu nowego ładu. Tendencje antyliberalne, autorytarne i profaszystowskie w polskiej myśli politycznej i społecznej lat 30. XX w.: piłsudczycy i inni guides the reader through the path of changes in Polish political and social thought in the 1930s such as the global economic crisis, a constant menace from the neighbouring countries, and the growing popularity of fascism.

Prof. Jarosław Tomasiewicz investigates authoritarian and pro-fascist tendencies, which contaminated both political parties (Sanation, conservatives, Christian democrats) and non-political environments (Pan-Slavists, neo-paganists, anti-Semitists, combatants, engineers, lawyers, artists, etc.) Importantly, the analysis of the development of anti-liberal tendencies in the interwar period might constitute a tool helpful in understanding the phenomena that concern, shock, and even scare us.

The book W poszukiwaniu nowego ładu. Tendencje antyliberalne, autorytarne i profaszystowskie w polskiej myśli politycznej i społecznej lat 30. XX w.: piłsudczycy i inni closes the cycle of four volumes on anti-democratic liberalist tendencies in the entire Polish political thought (the previous discuss the 1920s, the National Camp in the 1930s, and the left-wing)

The meeting with Prof. Jarosław Tomasiewicz takes place on Thursday 3 February 2022 at 6.00 p.m. We encourage you to not only watch but also participate in the discussion. The topic is not only serious but also up-to-date; thus, we expect an interesting debate. Our guest will be happy to answer the questions asked in the comments on the online broadcast.

The event will be broadcast via the University of Silesia’s YouTube Channel and Facebook and translated into Polish sign language.

Previous meetings are available on the University’s YouTube UŚ.

Plakat promujący wydarzenie Sceny Premier Naukowych. Naukowy talk-show online. U góry z lewej strony logo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego, z prawej strony znak języka migowego. Na środku zdjęcie dr. hab. Jarosława Tomasiewicza, prof. UŚ z podpisem oraz tytułem spotkania „O pokusie totalitaryzmu”. Nad zdjęciem data spotkania 3.02.2022 (czwartek), godz. 18.00. Na dole po lewej stronie podpisany prowadzący: Jarosław Juszkiewicz. Po prawej link do transmisji YT (link podany w tekście).

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