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SPN: Prof. Marian Kisiel | Intertwined fates of poets

What do seemingly unrelated Polish, Russian, and Jewish poets have in common? During the 11th edition of the Scientific Premiere Stage: Science Talk Show, we will talk with Prof. Marian Kisiel about how different languages and experiences of the characters of his newest book intertwined into a certain whole. Emil Zegadłowicz, Jerzy Liebert, Anna Achmatowa,...


SPN: Dr Marcin Moroń | One year with COVID-19, or how not to go crazy?

The 6th edition of the Scientific Premiere Stage: Science Talk Show will be an opportunity to think about our condition after one year of living in the world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. How do we cope with this extraordinary yet challenging time? How do the media and psychological support practitioners influence us? These and...

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