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Video | Diaries of Women from Mining Families

24.06.2024 - 13:57 update 26.06.2024 - 11:01
Editors: PK

The book Diaries of Women from Mining Families published a few months ago is the result of a several-year-long project that included, among others, writing workshops, an exhibition of memorabilia related to mining families and photo sessions in non-standard locations.

“Twenty-two ladies decided to tell us their stories in very different forms”, says Monika Glosowitz, PhD, originator and coordinator of the project. “This book gives a voice to those who did not really appear in the Polish literature”, adds Karolina Pospiszil-Hofmańska, PhD.

In a new video, the originator of the project, Monika Glosowitz, PhD, and its co-creators – Karolina Pospiszil-Hofmańska, PhD and Agnieszka Lniak, PhD – talk about the behind-the-scenes of this unique project meant to build an archive of women’s voices related to the region and mining. The project participants’ portrait pictures were taken by Karolina Jonderko, winner of World Press Photo 2021.

The video was produced by the team of the Media Communication Centre of the University of Silesia, consisting of: Anna Białas, Piotr Kaszuba, Karol Kurp, Bartosz Solak, Bartłomiej Stelmach.

The book Diaries of Women from Mining Families is available here.

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