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The supplementary admission process for studies has started

02.08.2021 - 15:22 update 05.04.2022 - 10:28
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The supplementary admission process for degree programmes, on which the candidates’ limits were not reached started at the beginning of August. Admission for degree programmes that are full after the 1st admission process is not possible.

The supplementary admission is carried out at all faculties and doctoral schools. It concerns both full-time studies and part-time studies.

The admission procedures are the same as during the 1st admission process. You can register via the Online Application System.

You can register for:

The full list of programmes in the offer of the supplementary admission process will be updated in the Online Application System.

The schedule of the supplementary admission process

  • the beginning of the registration in the Online Application System: August 2021,
  • the last day of the registration in the Online Application System: 12 September 2021,
  • the last day for paying admission fees: 12 September 2021,
  • the last day for uploading a scan of a secondary school-leaving certificate into the Online Application System in the case of no results from KReM: 12 September 2021,
  • announcing the results of the admission process: since 16 September 2021,
  • collecting the documents from candidates: since 17 September 2021.

More specific dates of registration, announcements, and information on collecting the documents will be specified in the Online Application System by each degree programme separately.

Useful sources of information

All the forms of education offered by the University of Silesia can be found at: www.us.edu.pl/rekrutacja. You can also join the Facebook group: Rekrutacja UŚ, where you can find answers to questions regarding the admission process and studies.

Candidates with special needs can count on support from the Student Service Centre.

If you need any help or information, contact the Education Department – mail: rekrutacja@us.edu.pl / tel: 32 359 18 80, +48 667 771 009.

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