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Seventh issue of the USil popular science journal No Limits

17.04.2023 - 14:32 update 18.04.2023 - 13:41
Editors: wc-a
Tags: science communication

Okładka siódmego numeru No Limits

Cover of the seventh issue of No Limits | Monika Sroga

The seventh issue of No Limits, a semi-annual journal of the University of Silesia, has just been published. This popular science journal promotes research activity at the University and is addressed to all people interested in science.

Women are the topic of the latest issue. You will find out how prehistoric women lived and if their lifestyles were significantly different from ours, as well as why the 19th century was not so pleasant for women even though many of them were brilliant people. This issue also touched upon labour law and how it affects women. It also looked at the female gender from the biological side (the division of roles in the world of aphids and bees is quite unusual) and from the religious side (we meet quite a few strong female characters in the Bible). There was no shortage of literature and art as well, including superheroes from fantasy and science fiction stories and real heroines — No Limits takes a closer look at the work of Ananda Devi, who received an honorary doctorate degree of the University of Silesia.

No Limits is published on certified ecological paper separately in Polish and English. Both language versions have a circulation of 1,000 copies.

Have a nice read — No Limits. You can also find past issues on the webpage dedicated to the journal.

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