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How to save Parnassius? | Textbook for schools

Current climate change and the related loss of biodiversity affect many species of animals and plants. The latest publication of American researchers “Wings That Make Waves”, was created in cooperation with scientists from the University of Silesia. It presents the history of Parnassius clodius (Parnassius sp.) And shows how the butterfly is connected with ecosystems...

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The Impact of the Pandemic on Society – Interdisciplinary research by scientists from UŚ

At the time of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Poland, many scientists from the University of Silesia representing various fields of science began research on the impact of COVID-19 on selected spheres of social life. The area of their research interests mostly focuses on school education, interpersonal relations, religion and its relations with...

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Communication of the effects of research and scientific activity – new project of the University of Silesia

Promotion of scientific achievements, work of scientists, as well as research and development work conducted at the University are the goals of the new project, whose implementation the University of Silesia in Katowice will begin soon, namely in October this year. PLN 410,000 will be allocated for this purpose. The University will receive funding under...

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„No Limits” – New Popular Science Journal at the University of Silesia

The first issue of the new popular science journal was published by the University of Silesia. It documents the scientific and research activities conducted at our University. The semi-annual journal is addressed to a wide audience, but especially to those who are interested in discoveries in the world of science, technology, new materials and technologies,...

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