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6th issue of “No Limits” – USil’s popular science journal

03.11.2022 - 11:54 update 03.11.2022 - 13:51
Editors: wcyg
Tags: no limits

Okładka No Limits 6

The 6th issue of the popular science journal of the University of Silesia “No Limits” has been published. The semi-annual journal focuses on the University’s scientific and research activities and is addressed to a wide audience

The main theme of the latest issue is the threats of the modern world. The articles therefore cover a wide range of problems, from fossil fuels causing climate change, through international conflicts with particular emphasis on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, to the information war taking place on the Internet and social media. In addition, one of the articles is related to this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics and deals with quantum attacks on classical cryptosystems.

The journal is published on certified ecological paper in both Polish and English. The circulation of each version is 1,000 copies.

We encourage you to read “No Limits”. Previous issues can also be found on the journal website.

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