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Gender Equality Programme in Academia – Raising Diversity


GEPARD project’s assumption is to create conditions for equal opportunities between women and men in the academic environment. This goal will be achieved by developing, within an international consortium, a system of actions understood as an organisational policy leading, on the one hand, to the elimination of gender discrimination in the academic environment (both among employees and students) and, on the other hand, to an increase in the diversity of the academic sphere in order to take into account the gender perspective and data on it in every aspect of the university operations.

The project will be implemented in the international consortium composed of higher education institutions from Poland, Austria, Hungary, Cyprus, Malta and SME closely cooperating with academic entities from Italy. The consortium will be supported by the associated partners.


The main objective of the project is to include and counteract gender-based exclusion by developing by an international consortium a system of activities understood as organizational policy, leading to the elimination of gender discrimination in the academic environment.

objective 1:

constructing a universal application model of gender equality policy in the academic space

objective 2:

exchange and promotion of good practices in the field of gender equality in academia

objective 3:

strengthening cooperation between the entities involved

objective 4:

promoting inclusion and diversity in the higher education sector


Achieving the project’s objectives and results will be possible through:

  1. building a network of  cooperation between organizations of various competencies, sectors and experience, operating in various regions of Europe and local environments,
  2. strengthening cooperation between project partners,
  3. various forms of cooperation building creative cooperation between the partners of the consortium. These will be face-to-face meetings, mutual education, remote work – online and offline as part of ongoing project works (internal consultations, brainstorming…),
  4. consultations with the final beneficiaries of the project results,
  5. consultations with experts
  6. working out the intellectual outputs.


The international consortium will work out jointly 4 intellectual outputs:

Works related to output no. 1: January 2022 – January 2024

Works related to output no. 2: February 2022 – February 2024

Works related to output no. 3: September 2022 – February 2024

Works related to output no. 4: September 2022 – February 2024

Dissemination workshops: February, March 2024

Management & evaluation: January 2022 – March 2024


Project coordinator:

prof. dr hab. Ewa Jarosz
e-mail: ewa.jarosz@us.edu.pl

Administrative project coordinator:

dr Marta Margiel
e-mail: marta.margiel@us.edu.pl

Gender Equality Programme in Academia – Raising Diversity, GEPARD

Project implementation PERIOD: 01.01.2022 – 30.03.2024
BUDGET: 336 255,00 euro
Strategic partnership in higher education sector, Erasmus +

The flag of Europe, text: co-funded by the European Union

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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