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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Student Government

The Student Government of the University of Silesia is everyone – each of the students of our University! It works by its delegates elected in annual, universal elections and presents the voice of students at the university and nationwide forum.

To a large extent, the Student Government also promotes student culture through the implementation of projects of various profiles, such as: Student Laurel (an annual gala organized by the Student Government, during which people and institutions important for students are distinguished), Student Ball (carnival ball which enjoys great popularity every year, and the dance floor fills up immediately!), Silesian Science Festival (one of the largest cultural and scientific events in Silesia, during which each student organisation can present their scientific achievements at the Knowledge Fair), Juwenalia” Student Festival (the largest student festival in the year when Katowice is overpowered by abecedarians – but actually you don’t have to advertise Juwenalia!).

In addition, Student Government is an adventure of a lifetime, during which you can meet many wonderful people, develop your passions or realise ideas – it is an experience incomparable with any classes or internship!

Website: www.studenci.us.edu.pl

Our office:

Bankowa 14
room 424
40-007 Katowice
phone: +48 32 359 15 88

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