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Rights and Obligations

As the ancient maxim goes, ignorance of the law harms. The duties and rights of the students are specified in the Rules and Regulations of studies at the University of Silesia [Regulamin studiów] and the agreement with the University (only for the students recruited earlier than for the academic year 2019/2020). The texts of the most important rules and regulations can be found on this website in the section for students. There you can get acquainted with the Act on Higher Education and Science [Prawo o szkolnictwie wyższym i nauce] and the Statute of the University of Silesia.

In addition, at the University of Silesia you can obtain legal support provided by at least three units of the University. These are:

Student and PhD Student Ombudsperson [Rzecznik Praw Studenta i Doktoranta] – who has been appointed to provide direct assistance to students and doctoral students of the University of Silesia within the scope of regulations currently in force. You can contact the Ombudsperson if you encounter any problems with the Rules and Regulations of studies at the University of Silesia, exam session, financial support or if you believe that your rights at the University are being violated.

Student Legal Advice Bureau [Studencka Poradnia Prawna] – an organization of students for whom law is not only a collection of regulations and codes, but first of all people and their specific problems. Student Legal Advice Bureau has the status of a student research group operating at the Faculty of Law and Administration. It provides free legal assistance to poor and non-profit social organizations. Legal advice is provided after consultation of its content with the scientific supervisor of the Bureau.

All the necessary information concerning Student Legal Advice Bureau can be found on: spp.us.edu.pl and facebook.com/spp.us.

Student Service Centre [Centrum Obsługi Studentów] – the Centre’s task is to integrate activities aimed at support for students and doctoral students, such as: scholarships, accommodation in dormitories, insurance, student research groups, psychological assistance. If you need help in any of the above areas and the matter exceeds the competences of the Dean’s Office, you should direct your steps to the Student Service Centre, located in the Student Activity Zone [Studencka Strefa Aktywności] on the ground floor of the Rectorate. Here you will receive answers to most of the questions related to the studies and assistance in solving any potential problems.

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