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Psychological support at the University of Silesia

If you are a student or doctoral student at the University of Silesia, you can receive free university psychological support. The Student Service Centre employs psychologists to whom you can consult. If you encounter hardships that are difficult to overcome, you should first look for information about them. We invite you to read the articles available on the website www.wiecjestem.us.edu.pl which presents the most common problems that young people face and suggestions on how to deal with these problems. However, if you feel that you cannot handle the problem yourself and would like to discuss it with a specialist, please contact us via email psycholog@us.edu.pl to set the date of the meeting.

You can report to a psychologist in any situation where you feel that a conversation could help you. Particularly consider this possibility when:

  • you experience personal problems;
  • you feel that your interpersonal and social relations are not satisfactory;
  • you are in a state of emotional crisis, experience dilemmas, have experienced significant loss or discouraged yourself and others;
  • you have a problem with self-esteem, motivation, you are not satisfied with your achievements so far, the quality of your life is not satisfactory;
  • you experience difficulties in intimate life or problems with defining psychosexual identity;
  • you feel unwell and suspect that this condition may persist or worsen.

Decisions on the Individual Adaptation of Studies (IAS)

If you are a student with a disability and need a psychological opinion for IAS, please contact us. We prioritise matters related to opinion giving for the needs of organisation and adaptation of studies.

Consultation with a psychiatrist

In special cases, you can also get help from a psychiatrist in the Student Service Centre. Such help is available to people who get the constant support of a psychologist in the SSC. If the attending psychologist finds that a psychiatric consultation is needed, he or she may refer you to a psychiatrist.

Meetings with a career counsellor and a coach

If you are looking for support in choosing a profession, planning a career and navigating the labour market, you can contact a career counsellor and / or a coach. You are particularly advised to get the support when:

  • you want to check that your application documents are correct and find out how and where to look for a job;
  • you do not know which career path to choose and you want to know your strengths;
  • you want to find out what to do to maximise your chances in the labour market after graduation;
  • you are planning to make decisions related to further education (extracurricular studies, courses, training) and you need advice in this regard;
  • you have motivational or other problems related to personal performance and want to talk about how to deal with them.

To arrange a meeting with a career counselor or coach, please contact the Career Office of the University of Silesia.

Our team

At the Rectorate of the University of Silesia you can meet with psychologists and psychotherapists employed at the Student Service Centre as well as with career counsellors and a coach employed at the Career Office. For people studying at the University of Silesia in Cieszyn, it is possible to consult a psychologist in the Collegium Technicum building. If you want to get help from a given specialist, write an email with a request to set a date for the session.

Attention! If you are experiencing a serious crisis and/or are using pharmacotherapy due to diagnosed mental disorders, we recommend you contact the current psychologist, psychotherapist or attending physician as soon as possible. In life-threatening situations, admit into the nearest hospital. In urgent situations, you can also seek help in Crisis Intervention Centres. The Student Service Centre offers support in the study process, but it cannot replace specialist medical care. We try to set the nearest consultation dates, however, when writing to us, you have to take into account the waiting time of several days.

Psychological support

Justyna Szostek-Aksamit, MA

psychologist, head of the Student Service Centre

contact: psycholog@us.edu.pl

ul. Bankowa 12, ground floor, Student Activity Zone, room 128

Agnieszka Wiszniewicz, MA
psychologist, sexologist

ul. Bankowa 12, ground floor,
Student Activity Zone,
room 125


dr Magdalena Bolek-Kochanowska
psychologist, assistant at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Silesia, editor-in-chief of Student Magazine on Personal Development Więc Jestem!
contact: psycholog@us.edu.pl
ul. Bankowa 12, ground floor, Student Activity Zone, room 125

Małgorzata Balewska, MA
psychologist, certified soft skills trainer, career counsellor
contact: psycholog.cieszyn@us.edu.pl
ul. Bielska 62, Collegium Technicum building, room 9 (ground floor)


Career counselling and coaching

Ewa Cetnar-Tkaczyk, MA

psychologist, career counsellor, coach

(Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Educational Science, Faculty of Theology, Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School)
contact: ewa.cetnar-tkaczyk@us.edu.pl
ul. Bankowa 12, ground floor, Student Activity Zone, Career Office, room 120

Ewelina Kaleta, MA

psychologist, career counsellor, coach

(Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Natural Sciences)
contact: ewelina.kaleta@us.edu.pl
ul. Bankowa 12, ground floor, Student Activity Zone, Career Office, room 120

Małgorzata Chatys, MA

psychologist, career counsellor, coach

(Faculty of Law and Administration, Faculty of Science and Technology)
contact: malgorzata.chatys@us.edu.pl
ul. Bankowa 12, ground floor, Student Activity Zone, Career Office, room 120


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