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Admission through IRK – FAQ

08.07.2021 - 17:09 update 22.07.2021 - 16:51
Editors: Ryszard Knapek

Answers for frequently asked questions

  1. You have to upload all documents by 10 July, by the end of the day, except for the diploma. You can upload the diploma or confirmation of obtaining the title (certificate from the dean’s office) to the IRK by July 26, at 12:00. Although, if you have a foreign (other than Polish) diploma, please upload it as soon as possible, because the procedure is longer.
  2. Applications for extending the deadline for submitting the diploma concern only the lack of defense, and not the lack of the issued document – if you have a certificate from the dean’s office, it is enough, it should be uploaded in place of the diploma (concerns Polish diplomas). Such applications will be considered positive only in the case of justification related to the closure of a university for epidemic reasons, which actually made it impossible to prepare a doctoral dissertation (e.g. lack of access to research infrastructure).
  3. The IRK system does not have a “send application” button – you simply upload the necessary documents. Please note that uploading a document consists of selecting the document from the disk and then clicking “Upload”. It is worth checking if the document has been saved.
  4. On the registration phase, nothing needs to be printed, skip the “Print documents” step for now.
  5. The enrollment fee must also be paid by July 10th. I emphasize that only those who pay the fee will take part in the admission. No fee in the system means that we do not deal with the application (we do not verify the formal correctness, we do not provide documents for evaluation). For candidates who haven’t done it yet, I suggest using the online payment available in the IRK system – then the payment will be credited faster. The lack of a visible fee in the system does not eliminate you yet – sometimes the fee is booked for several days, but we will not start working with your documents until the fee is posted. You will only receive a message about the lack of payment and a request for immediate replenishment.
  6. On Monday we will verify the formal correctness of the documents. If we notice any deficiencies – we will call for supplementation, but the time will be very short (one or two days).
  7. A large part of you did not fill in the additional candidate information form in the section “Choose & upload documents” – at the very bottom of the page. It is one of the obligatory elements, which in addition makes it much easier for us to work with your documents – please do it.
  8. In the “Documents confirming the candidate’s achievements”, as with the rest of the site, you can upload only one pdf file – if you have more documents, they should be combined into one file (tools for this are available for free on the Internet).
  9. Please check whether the photo you uploaded has been approved – we only accept photos that meet the conditions for a passport photo. If the photo has been rejected, upload another one (how should the photo look in the passport: https://www.gov.pl/web/gov/zdjecie-do-dowodu-lub-paszportu – in Polish). The correct photo must be uploaded at the latest by the end of the recruitment procedure – without it, as without the ORCID number, we will not accept you to the Doctoral School.

The list may be extended.

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