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Doctoral School
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Due to the epidemiological situation, admissions take place in electronic form, except the entry stage in the Doctoral School.


The essential stages of admissions:

Establishing cooperation, choosing Supervisors, working on the project.

Preparation and submission of an application in the competition.

Final admissions for the project.

Commencement of education, signing a tripartite agreement.


Stage 1

until May 6, 2022 – the candidate prepares and applies according to the established formula: Zgłoszenie-do-programu-doktorat-wdrożeniowy-2022 (VI_edycja) (in Polish).

Note – due to changes in the competition introduced by the Ministry of Education and Science, the form will be updated and published by April 30 – for now, we propose to prepare the content for the old form, but without sending it to the Doctoral School.

The Application in the electronic version should be sent in the form of an editable file (docx or compatible) and a scan with signatures (pdf) with the required attachments to the Doctoral School (Szkola.doktorska@us.edu.pl) and the project coordinator, Prof. Iwona Jelonek (iwona.jelonek@us.edu.pl). This will enable the initiation of dialogue to verify the submitted doctorate topic on the university’s part and find a Supervisor at the university.


In case of initial questions and doubts, please contact us.

until May 15, 2022 – arrangements with future Supervisor, including consent to be taken under the care of the Supervisor, clarification of the area and topic of research, preparation of information necessary to submit a grant application


Stage 2

By May 31, 2022, the University of Silesia will apply to the 1st stage of the competition under the “Implementation doctorate” program, written in agreement with the companies employing candidates for the program.


The decision is made in the summer and comes down to granting the university a certain number of places for implementation projects in individual disciplines.

Stage 3

From June 28th to August 6th 2022, the Dean’s Office of the Doctoral School accepts documents from candidates to the Doctoral School for the disciplines that have received funding, according to the Minister’s information. This stage takes place in electronic form via the university’s ICT system: irk.us.edu.pl  (accessed from June), a separate path for implementation doctoral students. At the stage type, it is required, among other things, to upload a master’s diploma and a current photo in passport form and to create a profile on the ORCID platform.


Within the time limit indicated in the information on the research proposal’s preliminary approval, the candidates complete and provide the information necessary to prepare the application in the second stage of the competition under the “Implementation doctorate” program.


From September 12th to 16th 2022, admissions committees organize interviews to the Doctoral School for candidates conducted in individual disciplines following the detailed recruitment methods in education disciplines. Interviews may take place on-line or stationary.


Until 20 September 2022, candidates who completed the recruitment enter the list of doctoral students. The university submits an application to the MEiN for the second stage of the competition under the “Implementation doctorate” program.

Stage 4

Before starting education, the employer appoints a tutor. The following documents should be delivered to the office of the Doctoral School: zal_3_Wyznaczenie_Opiekuna_Pomocniczego-DWzal_4_Oswiadczenie-Opiekuna_Pomocniczego-DW

From October 1, 2022 – the start of education at the Doctoral School, arrangements for the individual education program.

The university formally appoints a supervisor and auxiliary tutor on behalf of the employer.

Further actions – approval by the Ministry of the application and signing the agreement for financing the program – are taking place at the Ministry’s pace.

After signing a financing agreement with MEiN, the doctoral student, enterprise/institution, and the university sign a tripartite agreement to implement the project. Template of a tripartite agreement: zal_2_wzor_umowy_trojstoronnej.



The dates mentioned above may change when the Minister of Science and Higher Education announces possible changes to the Implementation Doctorate program for 2022. Introduced modifications due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic are also possible.

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