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The Ghosts of Targowa Street

| Tomasz Grząślewicz | I’ve walked up and down this street for ages, but usually just on the way from one place to another. It was rarely a destination for us, because all the spots interesting for high school students, such as teenager-friendly pubs and music stores selling cassettes, were somewhere else. It was always...
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Thermal imaging measurments in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus

| Olimpia Orządała | Scientists from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Silesia analyse the influence of various atmospheric conditions on the contact-free temperature measurement in people entering the university, which can identify people with an increased body temperature, which might indicate an infection, i.e. people who might potentially suffer from...
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The world of New York art at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries | Research by Barbara Lewicka, PhD

| Maria Sztuka | When asked about the leading figures of American culture, the names of representatives of abstract expressionism usually appear: Mark Rothko, Paul Jackson Pollock or the representative of pop art Andy Warhol. Popular associations usually do not go further than the mid-twentieth century, and only a small group of specialists have knowledge...
articlesGazeta Uniwersytecka UŚ
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