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Patent | SPA for plants – a new composition enhancing the penetration of plant tissues

|Małgorzata Kłoskowicz| Ointments, creams and gels that we use in our daily skin care usually contain additional chemical compounds that enhance skin penetration. Thanks to them, active ingredients reach their destination more easily, which increases the effectiveness of the cosmetic. This also applies to pharmaceuticals. Such enhancement of the effectiveness of active ingredients through the...

Patent | New fuel additives

Chemists associated with the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Silesia have developed a method of obtaining organic compounds with the structure of acetals that can be used as fuel additives. Doping of gasoline or diesel fuel has many advantages. It protects the engine components of vehicles against faster wear, and may...

Patent | Eco-friendly ceramics for the electronics industry

There are materials which, as a result of mechanical deformation, can generate electric charges on their surface. Piezoelectric ceramics, as an example of such, are thus becoming interesting products for the electronics and electrotechnical industries. They may be applied as components of sensors for measuring mass, force or acceleration. Moreover, by showing the so-called reverse...

Another patented compound for anti-cancer therapies

It goes without saying how important it is to search for new active medicinal substances that can be used in anticancer therapies. Scientists from the University of Silesia know this very well, conducting intensive research on drugs and designing new active ingredients that can support us in the fight against cancer. Such a compound, which...
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