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Russia under Chinese drip

| Weronika Cygan | After 1945, there were only two major world powers – the USA and the Soviet Union. The first one has remained an economic hegemon with the PRC hot on its heels. The PRC’s leader is second most influential person in the world. Although still a respectable and economically influential country, Russia...

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Nuclear safety in the context of war in Ukraine

“Russians shelled the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia, Ukraine.” This information reached us in early March 2022. Similar events also took place in Chernobyl. “You must be out of your mind, and with suicidal tendencies, to destroy nuclear facilities” summed up menacingly Prof. Janusz Janeczek, chair of the Council for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection,...

Categories: University of Silesia Magazineinterviews
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