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Cost-free digital photos for the students and candidates

01.07.2021 - 12:20 update 05.07.2021 - 11:57
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The University of Silesia entered into cooperation with FunFotos Sp. z o.o., a leader in the market for photos for documents in Poland. Under the cooperation, until 30 September 2021, all students and candidates for studies can make cost-free digital photos required in the admission process or diploma photos.

The specially designed website allows uploading a photo, which is redesigned so it meets all requirements for diploma and student ID photos. A size, resolution, and other parameters are automatically adjusted, and the background is deleted and changed into white.

There is no need to modify an uploaded file, yet the photo has to meet a few basic requirements. The face must be evenly lit, and the background uniform. The posing individual must be facing the lens at a distance of at least 40 cm from the camera. In order to take a proper picture, it is worth asking for someone’s help.

A modified and downloaded from the website photography can be printed or used in the system of Online Application System used by the candidates for studies.

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