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University of Silesia in Katowice

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About the competition

The Rector’s Distinctions have been granted since 2009. The guiding idea is to promote active and creative attitudes for the benefit of the academic and social environment. The competition is a unique opportunity to award students and doctoral students with achievements in fields other than those qualifying for various types of scholarships (i.e. for scientific or sports achievements). At the same time, for many students and doctoral students, the Rector’s Distinctions award is a kind of crowning achievement for all activity in the academic and non-academic environment, for their significant scientific, sporting, social or artistic accomplishments.

During the ceremony, which is a summary of the competition, the achievements of not only regular students and doctoral students, but also students of the Children’s University of Silesia, the Teenagers’ University of Silesia, the Prospective Students’ University of Silesia and the University of the Third Age are presented. Thanks to this, the ceremony emphasises the idea of lifelong learning. People are distinguished by their extraordinary commitment, ingenuity and perseverance in action. The awarded have achievements in various fields, ranging from artistic and sports activities, through social, cultural, scientific and popular science activities, as well as in the field of initiating and supporting student life.

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