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Katowice a student-friendly city according to Business Insider

03.10.2023 - 12:32 update 06.10.2023 - 12:16
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napis "I love Katowice" na katowickim deptaku

Katowice gains another reason to be proud of — it placed among the very best in a “Ranking of the best cities for students to live in 2023” done by Business Insider!

Our city took 4th place in a general ranking of 12 best academic cities in Poland, as well as placed high in terms of dormitory prices (1st place), rent prices (5th place), average earnings (4th place), and professional activity rate among people aged 25-34 (6th place).

For more information on the Katowice’s success, visit wKatowicach.eu.

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