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Rector’s letter to students

14.09.2021 - 15:08 update 15.09.2021 - 10:09
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Dear Students,

although summer holidays are in full swing, let’s already start thinking about the next academic year. From 1 October, we would like to start conducting classes within University walls again and we hope that the epidemiological situation will not worsen to such an extent as to derail these plans.

I urge all of you who have not yet taken the vaccine to do so for the sake of yourselves, your families, and classmates you will interact with at the University. It is worth mentioning that you can already get vaccinated as part of the National Vaccination Programme. More information is available at www.gov.pl/szczepimysie and on the free helpline 989.

We don’t make the right to attend classes within the walls of the University conditional on being vaccinated, instead we give you the opportunity to exercise responsible freedom and reasonable care for yourself and others.

With one exception.

Only fully vaccinated persons will be allowed to check in to the student residence halls upon showing the appropriate vaccination certificate or Covid Certificate. This condition is made due to warnings of another epidemic wave, and due to our belief that being in close proximity to each other in the rooms and hallways of the student residence halls puts you at high risk of infection.

During peak accommodation times, we will be organising vaccination points on campus. Further information will be provided in a separate announcement in September.

As every year, in order to live in a student residence halls, you need to submit an appropriate application – relevant information can be found at us.edu.pl/student. Those who are granted a place will find the decision on their personal account in the USOSweb system. So keep an eye on your e-mail inboxes and follow the information on the University’s website and social media.

I wish you good health and wonderful holidays and I hope to meet you again at the University.


Prof. Ryszard Koziołek
Rector of the University of Silesia

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