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Disciplinary liability

You can do a lot during your academic studies, but not everything – being a student obliges you to behave properly. Remember: when you started your adventure with the University, you took a vow. You promised to respect the University’s authorities and all members of its community, respect academic laws and customs, maintain your own dignity and protect the good name of the University. These are not empty words, you might be answerable to the disciplinary committee for breaking  law and your bad behaviour. The committee has a number of penalties at its disposal, from admonition to expulsion from the University. When you commit an act of violence, stalking (also online), discrimination, theft, vandalism, plagiarism, falsification of a grade or signature in a student record book, falsification of a student ID card, medical certificate or scholarship documentation – expect expulsion from the University, as well as a meeting with a prosecutor and court. You may also be held accountable for other acts unworthy of a student, such as brawls, improper treatment of others or entering the University’s premises under the influence of alcohol, drugs or legal highs.

This all sounds very serious because it can lead to serious consequences for you. But there are also good news: you might not have to face disciplinary liability at all, just be fair and behave decently during your studies.

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