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Students Meet Up powered by Metropolis GZM

14.12.2023 - 10:52 update 14.12.2023 - 10:52
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osoby siedzące dookoła stołu z laptopami i tabletami

Welcome to Metropolia GZM/Katowice!

Hi there!

It’s great that you’re with us! We’re delighted that you have chosen Metropolia GZM and Katowice for your studies and joined us!

Have you already tried Polish Christmas pierogi and borsch? You have?

Maybe you’d like to explore more: different flavours, aromas, views and opportunities which Metropolia GZM has to offer?

We invite you to a meeting of international students to the Kato Science Corner x Metrolab GZM. We encourage you to take part in a unique adventure and let us be your guide through our Metropolia!

Join us on 18th of December 2023 | from 5 pm to 7 pm | Kato Science Corner x Metrolab GZM (ul. Młyńska 2)

We are waiting for you here: Metrolab GZM


Meeting agenda:

  1. Welcome part: mark on the map where you came from.
  2. It’s us: who we are and what is Metropolia Katowice is (presentation).
  3. Onboarding: we have a guide for you with the best places in Metropolia (presentation).
  4. Little treat: “pierogi” and borscht tasting.
  5. Together: let’s plan the next shared meetings (creative workshop).

Will you be with us? Let us know: Link to registration form


Metrolab GZM is:

A place and a physical space. There you can: come, sit, think (read, listen, see, learn), meet, talk, brainstorm, suggest, invent, initiate, inspire, share.


It is open, accessible, cosy, informal, communal, close to the street, people, the city, Metropolia.

Working method

There you can: meet, integrate, network, talk to, listen to, respond, discuss, exchange ideas and thoughts, learn, use the knowledge of experts and more experienced partners, verify – adjust, improve your ideas, wonder, seek.

Collaboration style

You are: open, engaged, creative, resourceful, collaborative, listening, active, aware, motivated.


Collaboration, co-creation, co-responsibility, smart city, dialogue, participation, public value.

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