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Student Residence Halls

Vacancies in the Student Dormitory (DS) of the University of Silesia

Students of US may apply for a place/a room in the student dormitory. Priority in allocating a place/room in DS is granted to a student/doctoral student of the University of Silesia who is in a difficult financial situation as well as one who is a non-local doctoral student of US, i.e.:

  • whose place of permanent residence is in a location which is not the seat of the relevant faculty of the University of Silesia and if the planned transport by public transport to the seat of the faculty takes at least an hour,
  • who is an orphan or a charge of an orphanage,
  • who has no place of permanent residence.

Single rooms for persons with confirmed disability and doctor’s indication

Priority in allocating a single room to persons with a recognised disability or persons with doctor’s recommendations is granted to students/doctoral students of the University of Silesia in the following order:

  • disabled persons holding a disability certificate or other equivalent certificate;
  • ill persons with the indication of a specialised doctor;
  • ill persons with other doctor’s recommendations.

Single rooms adapted for people with a recognised disability, who are in wheelchairs, are first allocated to such persons.


Other single rooms

Priority in allocating a single room and a studio single room is granted to students/doctoral students of the University of Silesia:

  • in last years of 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle studies and long-cycle Master’s studies;
  • studying at the same time more than one study programme at the University of Silesia or at another university;
  • residing in DS in previous years of study.
  • making timely payments for DS and abiding by the principles of residing in a DS.


Allocation of places in DS 

Places in DS are allocated to individual faculties based on written applications of persons interested or proper units of US, whilst, the rector allocates rooms to persons with confirmed disability and doctor’s recommendations. Applications for the new academic year are submitted from June to end August of a given year in the dean’s office of their faculty and for persons with confirmed disability and doctor’s recommendations at the Student Social Affairs Office (rector’s office, ground floor, room 124).

Referrals authorizing to accommodate students from 1 October of the current year are valid for 5 days. Other referrals shall expire after 3 days from the date of referral.

Applications for download.

 Accommodation in DS

Students/doctoral students of the University of Silesia are informed about granting a place in DS through the USOSweb website. A US student interested in accommodation may visit his individual account in USOS in the “dormitories” module whether he or she has obtained a place in DS.

Such information ought to be passed on at latest on 16 September of a given year, unless unforeseen circumstances occur (i.e. pandemics of coronavirus) The following documents are required for temporary accommodation in DS:

  • ID card;
  • photo to the resident’s card;
  • in the case of persons who are not citizens of the Republic of Poland, an identity document, passport, valid residence visa or residence card in the Republic of Poland;
  • payment confirmation.

Upon setting up accommodation in  DS each resident obtains:

  • DS resident card  and in the period of holidays – entrance card to DS;
  • room equipment record sheet in which the equipment located in a given room/segment/studio is listed;
  • set of bedding with bed linen;
  • keys to the room.

Fees for accommodation in DS:

The resident shall pay a fee for a place/room in the DS from the date of referral, regardless of the date of actual accommodation. Fees are paid in monthly intervals until the last day of each month. The fee for October and each month constituting the first payment period for a resident shall be paid in advance, no later than on the day of moving in.

The fee for accommodation is made via bank transfer to the bank account of the University of Silesia:

ING BANK ŚLĄSKI S. A. KATOWICE 12 1050 12141000 000700007958

In the item “title of payment” one should indicate:

  • number/name of student house and city in which he is located,
  • period for which the fee is made,
  • first name and surname of the resident (if the transfer is not made from their account),
  • in case of students/doctoral students also the university and faculty name.

There is also a possibility of settling fees for DS via payment card in designated points of academic complexes. Lodges accept solely short-term guest visit payments and visit stays.


 Checking out from DS

In order to check out from a DS a resident is obliged to submit this fact to the DS Administrator in advance.

On the indicated date, the resident must settle the remaining fees for accommodation and collect a clearance slip on which the following is confirmed:

  • return of the collected or rented equipment,
  • return of bedding and bedlinen to the warehouse,
  • signed confirmation of roommates regarding no reservations as to the state of the room.

Each resident bears material liability for:

  • the use of US property specified in the room furnishing record card,
  • bedlinen and bedding.

All damages and losses in the equipment and other material losses in the occupied room/segment/studio shall be the individual or joint responsibility of the residents who occupied them, in consideration of valid prices.  The administrator along with the resident assess the state of the room and decide whether the room may be handed over. Should in the course of handing over the room/segment/studio by its residents losses be noted in the property of the University of Silesia, the residents are obliged to cover the costs of removal of faults and purchase of the lost property.

Places in DS for non-US students

In case of free places in DS other persons from outside of the university may apply for a place in DS in the following order:

  • Students of other universities with a current confirmation of student status,
  • US graduates,
  • persons who are non-students.

Application form for DS for non-US students

The application is submitted in person at the Student Social Affairs Office (US rectorate, Katowice, ul. Bankowa 12, room 124).

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