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Having been granted an approval regarding the scope of support forms, the student applying for an assistant of a student with disabilities (ASwD) designates such person.

The designated ASwD is requested to sign a civil-law agreement. ASwD is subsequently obliged to keep record of the working hours to be certified by the University’s employees. The record then serves as the basis for the settlement conducted in compliance with the Study Regulations of the University of Silesia.

The assistant’s scope of activities shall be specified individually, taking into account the student’s needs and possibilities. The most common support forms shall include:

  • commuting to and from the university,
  • moving around the university,
  • taking notes,
  • student organizational matters.

By virtue of the contract, ASwD  is not bound to:

  • take an active part in the classes (unless he/she is subscribed to the group or course),
  • teach or instruct the student (he/she does not provide tutor),
  • be directly responsible for the student (in particular during midterms and examinations).

As its name suggests, ASwD assists and supports the student in carrying out activities representing a difficulty. He/she is not to replace the student in those activities nor exploit his/her situation to his/her own advantage but instead he/she should undertake every effort to render the student with disabilities as autonomous as possible, not depriving them, at the same time, of necessary assistance. All matters related to assistants of students with disabilities should be reported in writing to Student Service Centre, the relevant address being: dlastudenta@us.edu.pl.

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