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Educational program for implementation PhD candidate

All PhD candidates at the Doctoral School study based on one education program that meets Level VIII requirements of the Polish Qualifications Framework. Education at the Doctoral School differs significantly from what it usually looks like at the student stage. It is focused on competence and scientific development. Classes are conducted only by the best specialists with a modern approach to education. PhD students build their methodological workshop, analyze their projects in terms of ethics, and learn in practice how to raise funds for research. The entire curriculum is focused on supporting the doctoral student in preparing his doctoral dissertation at subsequent stages.

Since scientific work is the PhD candidates’ primary goal, the classes themselves are not very time-consuming. They are always organized into several groups to choose from, some of which take place in the afternoon. Some classes are scheduled separately for implementation doctoral students in the form of intensified courses and workshops.

PhD candidates working on the implementation in their company or institution are most often full-time employees. Therefore, each implementation doctoral student can cooperate with the Doctoral School and the supervisor, plan their individual education, choose when and in what form they will complete the classes. The school also analyzes the competencies that doctoral students already possess and, on this basis, it may recognize a part of the education program as completed.

Link to the education program: uchwała nr 494/2020 z dnia 28.01.2020 Senatu UŚ

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