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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Doctoral School
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Develop your project

We are open to your innovative ideas. We recruit you and your project. Determine with your future supervisor what you will be working on during your four years of education at the Doctoral School. Depending on the style of conducting research in a particular scientific discipline, it will either be part of a large project that the whole team is working on, or your own independent project. In time, you may be the one to form your research team.

  • Consider what the aim of your research is, what you want to discover, rethink, or change.
  • What research methods and tools will you need?
  • Discuss with your future supervisor how the research will be conducted.
  • Find out what the state of research on the topic is.

Obviously, it is just a project. If you are admitted to the Doctoral School, you will have a year to refine it, and we will help you with it. Remember, however, that well-planned research is of crucial importance both during the admission process and afterwards.

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