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Research topic: Responsible citizenship in the Communication perspective: Polish insight

Description: Through the concepts of responsible citizenship and digital citizenship (Couldry et al., 2014; Dalton, 2008), we investigate new media and their affordances adjust traditional forms of civic participation (voting, meetings) but also facilitate novel forms of engagement within new acts of citizenship (Dahlgren 2009). This research aims to understand how information and knowledge are transmitted to the citizens by elites and how they approach that information flow? To what extent do they rely on institutions to receive trustful information, or how and where they receive alternative information? Our research results provide a Polish component to a cross-country comparative study from  France, Germany, Poland, the UK, and the US.

Keywords: responsible citizenship; Poland; information trust; media affordances

Research team: Damian Guzek, Agnieszka Turska-Kawa


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