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World Oceans Day

|Katarzyna Juszkiewicz|   The seas and oceans cover 71% of the Earth’s land surface and are inhabited by millions of species. Ocean plants, mainly algae, produce 70-80% of the oxygen and it is to them, and not to trees, that we owe fresh air. Today we celebrate World Oceans Day. The Day was established at...

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Prof. Bożena Łosiewicz | Does frequent car washing accelerate corrosion?

Bożena Łosiewicz, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor Institute of Materials Engineering |Prof. Bożena Łosiewicz| The word “samochód” is the Polish equivalent for “automobile,” which was selected in a competition in the interwar period. The combination of words “sam” and “chód” made it possible to name a vehicle that had its own propulsion and moved independently. Another...

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Mathematical Adventure with Numbers Interview with Dr. Łukasz Dawidowski

Mathematics, referred to as the “Queen of Sciences”, celebrates its day on 12 March. Dr. Łukasz Dawidowski from the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Silesia in Katowice, who specialises in differential equations, teaching and science communication, will tell us about numerous mathematical festivals, as well as about epidemiological modelling, which is...

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