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Plastic world | World Earth Day

| Agnieszka Sikora | On 22 April, we celebrate World Earth Day for the 54th time. This year’s theme is ‘Planet vs. Plastic’. Plastic production has now increased to over 380 million tonnes per year. More plastic has been produced in the last ten years than in the entire 20th century, and the industry is...

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Peace in the sky?

| Tomek Grząślewicz | The skies thick with drones and the war beyond our eastern border make us pay more attention to media reports about incidents that disrupt the operation of aircraft and airports. On 1 June, when we celebrate the Day of the Air Traffic Service, it is worth paying attention to the safety...

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Remarkable moms in the animal kingdom

Salmons travel thousands of kilometres to reach their spawning grounds | Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado, Unsplash Motherhood takes different forms in wildlife. Nonetheless, each of them requires a bigger or smaller sacrifice of a mother’s time, energy, health, and at times life. Although being an old evolutionary mechanism, it is hard to pinpoint the...

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World Oceans Day

|Katarzyna Juszkiewicz|   The seas and oceans cover 71% of the Earth’s land surface and are inhabited by millions of species. Ocean plants, mainly algae, produce 70-80% of the oxygen and it is to them, and not to trees, that we owe fresh air. Today we celebrate World Oceans Day. The Day was established at...

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