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Scientific Premiere Stage: Science Talk Show with Dr Monika Glosowitz

19.01.2021 - 14:22, update 28.01.2021 - 14:18
Editors: MJ
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We invite you to the third edition of Scientific Premiere Stage: Science Talk Show. The series organised by the University of Silesia promotes interesting, inspiring and acclaimed achievements of people associated with the University. This time we will meet Dr Monika Glosowitz –  winner of Poznań Literary Award – Stanisław Barańczak Scholarship for the monograph entitled „Maszynerie afektywne. Literackie strategie emancypacji w najnowszej polskiej poezji kobiet” (Affective machineries. Strategies of emancipation in the new Polish female poetry).

“The feminist activity in our country has definitely had a liberating character. The power of their operations, like the power of other radical movements, was born out of emotions”, says the motto which opens the book by Dr Monika Glosowitz. The scientist from the Institute of Literary Studies at the University of Silesia conducts studies on literature, which she analyses using feminist tools. She also translates philosophical texts. During our meeting she will tell, among other things, about emotions and how they are expressed in the poetry created by women representing different generations. Therefore, we will reflect together on the role of poetry in shaping new reality, and its impact on the social and cultural changes in Poland and around the world.

“Poetry and, more broadly, literature, does not function outside the real life, it is not a parallel world to the one where we live”, says Dr Glosowitz. “Not only does it comment or intervene, but it also designs the vision of a new world order.”

The meeting will be hosted by Artur Madaliński – philologist, culture manager, academic, head of Górnośląski Park Etnograficzny (Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park) in Chorzów.

You can watch the broadcast on YouTube channel of the University of Silesia. After the meeting, the audience will have an opportunity to talk to Dr Glosowitz via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 974 6548 3161
Passcode: kqCWJ2

The previous Science Talk Shows are available on: YouTube channel of the University of Silesia.

Na czarnym tle napis Scena Premier Naukowych Naukowy Talk Show 28.01.2021 r. godz. 18.00 online. Poniżej w centrum znajduje się zdjęcie portretowe dr Moniki Glosowitz. Laureatka Poznańskiej Nagrody Literackiej – Stypendium im. S. Barańczaka za monografię „Maszynerie afektywne. Literackie strategie emancypacji w najnowszej polskiej poezji kobiet”. Prowadzenie Artur Madaliński. Transmisja www.youtube.com/UniwersytetSlaski

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