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World Mental Health Day. University of Silesia supports the well-being of the academic community

10.10.2023 - 14:11 update 24.10.2023 - 15:05
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Today, 10 October, we celebrate World Mental Health Day. Its aim is to draw attention to mental health care, help suffering people and improve medical care. On this occasion, it is worth mentioning our initiatives related to mental health. The University of Silesia in Katowice takes actions to support the health and well-being of the academic community. These are free-of-charge actions aimed at various groups. Participation is completely voluntary. We encourage you to use various forms of support at the university.

For employees

“DUO – accessible, universal and open”

Consultations with specialists under the project ‘DUO – accessible, universal and open’ have been launched. It is an initiative providing support in dealing with various challenges related to working with students with special needs. Consultations are available online, free of charge and conducted in full confidentiality. This is an important step towards caring for the mental health of the academic community. 

Detailed information about consultations can be found on the project website: www.duo.us.edu.pl/pl/aktualnosci/bezplatne-konsultacje-ze-specjalistami-dla-pracownikow-us.

Guides for employees of the University of Silesia

The university has prepared two guides for employees:

  • Difficult situations in relationships with students. Rules of conduct and interview scenarios;
  • Communication with people with mental disorders – a guide for employees of the University of Silesia in Katowice.

The materials are available in PDF format on the university website (after logging in): us.edu.pl/pracownik/poradniki or in paper version at the Student Service Centre.

“Declaration of the University of Silesia – community of equal and diverse”

The University of Silesia undertakes initiatives that support the implementation of the principles of equality and diversity. Our university implements an equality policy programme in accordance with the developed and adopted ‘Declaration of the University of Silesia – a community of equal and diverse’. In order to implement it, detailed action programmes are prepared and developed.

There are equality initiatives, including: wage equality plan, GEPARD project – gender equality programme in the academic environment, European Charter for Researchers, support section (e.g. how to counteract mobbing), information section (guides, reports, training), as well as interesting webinars devoted to equal treatment: us.edu.pl/uczelnia/rowne-traktowanie/#czytaj-dalej.

For students and doctoral students

Individual Adaptation of Studies

If you have special educational needs related to a disability, the University of Silesia offers the possibility of obtaining Individual Adaptation of Studies. The process of applying for IAS is described step by step, which will give you a better understanding of what support you can get. Individual Adaptation of Studies can also be used by people in emotional crises and difficult moments in life.

Detailed information: us.edu.pl/student/studia/tok-studiow-2/wsparcie-i-fundusze-dostosowanie-do-specjalnych-potrzeb-indywidualne-dostosowanie-studiow.

Scholarships and financial aid

The University of Silesia offers various types of financial support for students, including social allowances, allowances for people with disabilities, rector’s scholarships and financial aid. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can claim these benefits which can help with your study costs: us.edu.pl/student/wsparcie-i-fundusze/swiadczenia-stypendia-i-zapomoga.

Free psychological counselling

If you are a student or PhD student at the University of Silesia and you need psychological support, you can use free help from psychologists. In the Student Service Centre you will find professionals who can provide support in difficult times.

Meet our team of psychologists and get support: us.edu.pl/student/wsparcie-i-fundusze/pomoc-psychologiczna-nasz-zespol.

Community of people on the autism spectrum

To receive support within the autism spectrum community, please write to: ids@us.edu.pl

Personal development and support groups

Prof. Agnieszka Bielska-Brodziak, Student and PhD Student Ombudsperson, invites you to participate in the ‘Personal Development and Support Group’ project. It is an initiative aimed at helping students understand their needs, as well as communicate and deal with emotional difficulties. Participation in a group can also support the development of awareness of one’s own mental state.

Detailed information: us.edu.pl/nabor-do-kolejnej-edycji-grupy-rozwoju-i-wsparcia-osobistego-semestr-zimowy-2023-2024.

Student and PhD Student Ombudsperson

There is a Student and PhD Student Ombudsperson at the University of Silesia. The Ombudsperson, among others, mediates in conflict situations, provides advice on issues related to education and scholarships, and provides university authorities with information about problematic situations. She is an important person supporting the academic community. The basic principles of operation of the ombudsperson’s team are discretion and loyalty. 

Find out more: us.edu.pl/student/wda/skarbiec-wiedzy/rzecznik-praw-studenta-i-doktoranta.

Let’s remember that mental health is as important as physical health. The University of Silesia in Katowice cares for the well-being of the academic community by providing support in various areas. Let’s share this information so that others can also benefit from our resources.

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