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Dux ambulans, the history of dukes and duchesses of Racibórz | Research by prof. Jerzy Sperka

Prof. Jerzy Sperka | Photo by Agnieszka Sikora | Małgorzata Kłoskowicz | How did Mieszko the Tanglefoot expand his duchy? What did John the Iron lend to Ladislaus Jagiello? What was the reason behind the issue between Nicholas V, Duke of Krnov, and Zbigniew Oleśnicki, Bishop of Kraków? These are the stories told by Prof....

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E-learning, or laboratory that has become reality | ELEPHANT project

| Małgorzata Kłoskowicz | The first meetings of the initiators of the project “E-learning prospects for humanities. ELEPHANT” took place in February 2020. A month before the World Health Organization announced that Europe had become the centre of the coronavirus pandemic, Katarzyna Sujkowska-Sobisz, PhD, Associate Professor and Marta Margiel, PhD from the Faculty of Humanities...

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“Parents in the face of climate change” | Report from scientists of the University of Silesia

| Magdalena Ochwat, PhD, and Anna Guzy, PhD |   It is already the third and last report regarding the most important representatives of the educational process – teachers, students, and parents – in the face of climate change. Earlier, in 2021, Magdalena Ochwat, PhD and Anna Guzy, PhD, from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Research...

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