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Religious Aspects of Transhumanism | Research by Prof. Marek Wójtowicz

Marek Wójtowicz, PhD, DLitt, Assoc. Prof. | Photo by Teresa Wójtowicz | Katarzyna Stołpiec | Transhumanism is a contemporary trend of thought involving many scientific disciplines. It can be assigned to philosophy, humanities or engineering of technological processes. It also includes theology, the role of which in the project on the religious aspects of transhumanism...

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New way of thinking about the system | Interview with prof. Michał Krzykawski

Michał Krzykawski, PhD, DLitt, Assoc. Prof. and Yuk Hui | photo: Marta Ankiersztejn | Marta Tomczok | A book by Yuk Hui, a world-class philosopher of technology, has just been published by the University of Silesia Publishing House. It is his first book translated into Polish. How will this book influence the debate on technology...

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Freedom of research | Prof. Gabriela Besler

RESEARCH EXCELLENCE INITIATIVE FREEDOM OF RESEARCH – SCIENCE FOR THE FUTURE „Freedom of research – science for the future” series consists of articles, interviews and short videos presenting research conducted by the winners of „Freedom of research” call for proposals "FREEDOM OF RESEARCH – SCIENCE FOR THE FUTURE" SERIES Gabriela Besler, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor ...

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We Have a New National Day. An Interview with Prof. Andrzej Noras about Polish Science Day

The first ever Polish Science Day is celebrated this year. The new national day is celebrated on 19 February (the anniversary of Nicolaus Copernicus’s birthday) and was established as a form of recognition of the achievements of Polish scientists. As we can read in the justification, the following factors deserve particular attention: scholars’ pursuit of...

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