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Academic Research Visits

19.04.2022 - 12:52 aktualizacja 19.04.2022 - 12:52
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Following the continuous collaboration between the EUIPO and the Academic Community, we are glad to inform you about the launching of the EUIPO Research Visits. With this new initiative, the Office aims to facilitate Knowledge Sharing and Research with the NIPA Members on various topics related to Intellectual Property, innovation and new technologies, thus fostering the role of the Office as a hub for IP Research.

The EUIPO Research Visit is open to professors, lecturers, PhD Candidates or staff from the NIPA Members, who would like to spend a certain period of time to our premises, get access to the EUIPO Library – Knowledge Hub and as such obtain useful information related to their ongoing projects.

Depending on the duration of the visit, there are two available choices.

Short Term Research Visit:

• Duration: 1-5 days;
• Access: EUIPO Library, specific workstation, online material, offline material;
• Access card as visitor;
• When to Submit the Application Form: 2 months prior to the Visit

Long Term Research Visit:

• Duration: 15 days to 2 months;
• Access: EUIPO Library, specific workstation, online material, offline material;
• Access card as visitor;
• Additional Benefits: Consultations with EUIPO Departments;
• When to Submit the Application Form: 3 months prior to the Visit.

Even though the EUIPO Library specializes in the core business of the Office, that is Intellectual Property, (trade marks, designs, copyright, counterfeiting and infringement, patents) and law; it also contains a substantial part that focuses on connected subjects (innovation, entrepreneurship, IT, etc.). As a visitor, you will have the possibility to consult all the online and physical material of the EUIPO Library and request the acquisition by the Office of specific consultation materials of interest prior to your arrival.

Please find attached the relevant Application Form and the Research Visits Brochure.

When completing the application, please remember to indicate:

1) The exact dates of the Research Visit
2) Which EUIPO Department you would like to consult (applicable only for Long Term Visits)
3) Any specific material you would like the EUIPO Library to acquire for your research.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: the first available slot for a Research Visit is on Monday 3rd of October 2022.

Academic Research Visits Brochure

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