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„Fashion law” online course

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Beginning of classes: March 1, 2023
Class hours: 4 to 6 pm (Lima/Bogotá/Quito time) with some sessions from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm (Lima/Bogotá/Quito time). Review program on the web.
Periodicity: weekly
Number of Modules: 7

Fashion Law

It is a new branch of law that provides specialized knowledge to lawyers who are interested in providing legal advice in the fashion, textile and fashion retail sector to solve the legal problems that this industry has and its regulation in different countries of the region.

The fashion industry has its own characteristics and particularities, for this reason it is necessary to have lawyers with the knowledge on how the sector works nowadays and the main trends that occur in the business in the future.

The purpose of this course is to provide basic knowledge and a legal analysis related to the textile, fashion and fashion retail industry, studying the legal aspects of different topics related to fashion in a transversal way, which allow lawyers to know the sector and provide advice. appropriate legal and grounded to it.

The objectives of the course are:

  • Establish the background of fashion law, how it was born and its history until its creation, as well as define why there is a need for a new specialization of law and how it is currently practiced.
  • Explain in a practical way the relationship that intellectual property has with the fashion industry, in all its modalities: trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, utility models and invention patents.
  •  Define and develop the main movements of the fashion industry, what is its development, its advantages and disadvantages of each one.
  •  Establish the relationship between Fashion and Advertising, as well as the elements derived from them. Explain the main differences between Influencers and brand ambassadors, as well as what are the advertising trends to date.
  •  Define and describe the main contracts used in the fashion sector, as well as explain their most relevant clauses and their application for the benefit of this industry.
  •  Explain the basic concepts of the blockchain, smart contracts, tokenization and the metaverse and its relationship with the fashion industry.
  •  Explain the future of fashion law, having craftsmanship and sustainability as pillars on the one hand and technology on the other through the use of gamification and the metaverse.

Module 1: A bit of fashion history

Module 2: Fashion Law and its connection with Intellectual Property.

Module 3: Movements of the Fashion Industry

Module 4: Fashion Law and Advertising.

Module 5: The Main Contracts related to Fashion Law

Module 6: El Fashion Law y su vinculación con los NFTs y el metaverso

Module 7: New trends in Fashion Law

Languages: Spanish, English


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